Las Vegas Film Society

15 Minutes

strong violence,language and some sexuality
Directed & Written by:John Herzfeld
Starring:Robert De Niro, Edward Burns, Kelsey Grammar
Melina Kanakaredes

With the past two months of nothing put garbage being released into the theaters(with exception of ĎThe Pledgeí), I was really looking forward to í15 Minutesí. I actually was thinking that it was going to be the golden goose, the one savior to warm up the dreaded winter. Well I was right and wrong.

í15 Minutes is about a highly loved and famous police chief who teams up with a fire marshall to investigate a string of murders. The two murderers believe if they video tape them, they will be famous and can make millions. While I donít want to give away what happens in the movie, I must say after leaving the theater, I feel a little luke warm about the movie.

I didnít have high expectations for this film, I just had average expectations, and while I wasnít disappointed, I just think this film is average. Even when writing this review, I am still middle of the road with this movie. I did find this movie entertaining,but I also feel the movie was a little absurd. I still even question some of the characters actions.

My final thoughts are, that if you can look past the absurdity parts, and donít take it as a serious film, you might actually enjoy it to some degree. All I can say(and I donít say this much with films) is judge this movie for yourself, as Iím still contemplating the movie.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.