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3000 Miles to Graceland

I went into this movie thinking that it could be a serious contender to Ocean's 11, or at least to the upcoming WB remake.

There is absolutely no reason for this film to have ended up being as bad as it is. 1st, let's discuss the cast:

  • Kevin Costner,
  • Kurt Russell,
  • Courtney Cox,
  • David Arquette, and
  • Thomas Haden Church.

    Although I am not a huge fan, no, scratch that, I am not a fan at all, of Kevin Costner, he can sometimes pull off a role if the script is decent enough. In this film, I think he played his character exactly the way the director intended him to, I just think the director is a hack. Costner's character is way too over the top, and too much time is spent on showing us this, and not enough on letting us know why his is this way.

    Kurt Russell is a god. Let's face it, he can make any movie he appears in almost worth seeing (Captain Ron, Overboard, just to name a few mediocre films that have been almost enjoyable thanks in part to his performance). Hell, he almost saved Soldier, but that movie had way too much going against it for even him to save. In 3000 miles, Kurt does a fantastic job with his character. His character alone is worth the price of rental.

    Next up is Courtney Cox, who does a great job playing an aging white trash bimbo that Kurt's character runs into at a road side roach motel at the beginning of the movie. Even though she is getting older in real life (hell, being married to David "1800 dial ATT" Arquette has got to take a lot out of anyone!), and dressed and made up to look older and trashier still, she still has an alluring quality about her that makes you just want to jump through the screen and give her a big wet one. Her character has great chemistry with Kurt's, and the two are just about the only redeeming qualities about this film.

    (An interesting side note, the roadside motel that they shot the local Las Vegas scenes at is located about 20 miles outside of Vegas in a small town called "Sloan." The motel has been dead for more than 10 years. I used to work at a casino located in Jean, another 15 or so miles down the freeway, and during shooting they had all the lights turned on and it almost looked like it was beeing readyied for re-opening. Driving to and from work for a couple of weeks, I kept wondering what on Earth was happening over there. Imagine my surprise when screening this movie that I finally found out what was going on at the old Last Chance!)

    Anyway, David "yes I am boning Courtney Cox" Arquette's character, although almost as annoying as those endless 1800dialATT commercials, is killed off very early in the film, and is of little consequence.

    Howie Long also plays a character in this film, and wouldn't you know he is not at all that bad of an actor, and thank God Teri IS NOT in this film along with him!

    Thomas Haden Church (Wings, Ned & Stacey, Tales from the Crypt) plays an FBI agent seeking out the group after they pull off a heist at The Riviera. Although he is beyond a doubt one of my favorite actors, his character was under used and the director didn't even come close to using his all star cast to the fullest.

    The plot is very simple. A reunited group of criminals meet in Las Vegas to rob a casino in the middle of an Elvis convention. Howie Long is a helicopter pilot with some great ties that allow them to escape with all the money. One of the group is killed, and the rest of the group then go after each other. Soon, all that's left is Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner chasing each other accross the country to meet a man that can launder the money. All this is complicated by Courtney Cox's character and her character's son.

    There are some great moments in this film. When dissected, this movie has some great action scenes, some very good chemistry between many of the actors, and some super explosions and special effects. Unfortunately, when reassembled, it does not make a good film. Is it a horrible film? No, I don't think it is horrible. I even think that after a few more films, the director may even learn the correct way in which to put a film together and how to get the most out of a very expensive all star cast.

    This film is a little long, but it is probably worth a $3 rental, especiall on DVD so you can get the most out of the explosions and effects. It's not bad either imagining someone like Kurt Russell nailing the hell out of Courtney Cox.

    There is plenty of violence, implied sex, and foul language in this film. This film is rated "R".


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