Las Vegas Film Society

Angel Eyes

Violence, Sexuality, language
Directed by: Luis Mandoki
Written by: Gerald Di Pago
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, James Caviezel

Jennifer Lopez, or JLO, as she is more commonly called, has been in a wide variety of films. Some of them good, like "Out of Sight" and some of them just plain bad, like "Wedding Planner". Now her most recent movie, "Angel Eyes", falls somewhere in between.

Jennifer Lopez plays Sharon Pogue, a Chicago police officer who is saved by a mysterious man, Catch (James Caviezel). Sharon and Catch fall in love soon after, but can't help but realize that they have met before. They soon realize the truth about each others past and try to deal with their secrets.

First off, if anybody has seen the trailer or the TV spots, you know that they are making it seem like it is a cross between Ghost and Sixth Sense. Well, not to giveaway to much about the movie, but it's not what you think it's going to be.

The movie plays out very nicely within the first hour or so, but then is a total let down in the very end. JLO is very good and believable as a police officer. Funny too, because she was great as a cop in "Out of Sight". The chemistry and conversations between JLO and Caviezel are really good. Which is actually the only 'good' thing going for this movie.

It seemed like this movie would have been a lot better with a more powerful of an ending. I was really let down that it didn't have a better pay off. But, I was just glad to see a decent JLO movie again!

I recommend this movie as either a decent date movie or as something to go to, if people as just bored to death by the upcoming Pearl Harbor.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.