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Well, I recently had a breakup in my life (women problems, yanno), and I went to see "Antz" to cheer myself up. Now, the last time I did such a crazy thing, it was Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day", and I left the theater more upset than when I got there. Luckily, with "Antz", the same is not the case.

First off, lemme say the things I really enjoyed about this film. One: NO SONGS! Yes, that's right! American animation from a major studio that does NOT have a bunch of silly stupid songs! Are you listening, Pixar? Disney? Anyone home?? Ok, ok, enough of that. The animation was extemely well done as well. Much kudos should be extended to PDI and Dreamworks for a job well done. I have heard other reviewers slamming the fact that there weren't enough facial characteristics to differentiate the different characters. Well... think back to the first scene of the movie... THEY are ANTS!! All identical and all insignificant. Not to mention the fact that you will howl with laughter when you see Sylvester Stallone's character!

"Antz" also features an all star cast for the voices. Woody Allen, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, and Dan Akroyd all to name just a few. This movie is first rate, and an enjoyable watch from beginning to end.

The thing that really sets this movie apart from Pixar and Disney's efforts are the portions that are obviously geared towards the adults in the audience. The fact that people die. And I don't mean simply "falling to their death somewhere far below and out of sight" but here people (ants, actually) die in battle. And then there are the exchanges between some of the characters. For instance, the scene in "Bugtopia"...

(Ladybug) "Hmmm, this tastes like crap."
(Mosquito) "Here, lemme taste."
(Mosquito) "Hmm, this is crap... and it's pretty good, too!"

And let's not forget the drunken, mourning wasp! This is a good-time, plain and simple! If it could make me smile in the midst of a traumatising breakup (for all those interested, I broke up with her), then surely it will entertain the most rigid of us all!

Look, I am sure that Pixar's "A bug's Life" for Disney will be some nice eye-candy, but I doubt I will care for the story as much. Keep it tuned here for the scoop.

"Antz" runs shortly over an hour and 20 minutes, and is rated "G". As if I need to say it, there is no nudity in this film!

-The Empire

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