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The Avengers


I have to be honest when I tell you that I never watched the television show, however I found this movie to be a great disappointment to the television show. I have been told that the television show was great and this movie literally stunk.

First of all, the movie ran too fast to develop any of the many plots that it was trying to accomplish. For instance, there is suppose to be a love plot between Mrs. Peel and Steed, but the only indication of any such plot was the two kissing scenes between the characters. Other than that, you will have no idea. (In case you were wondering, this is not a date movie.)

Uma Thurman did a wonderful job with her Mrs. Peel character. Without going into her past life with flash backs, you still knew what happened in the past from the dialogue used between the characters (Give those writers a hand!). But Surprise! Thurman plays two characters....yes, you had no idea. Her second character is played and displayed horribly. I don't completely blame this on Thurman herself. This ties into the undeveloped plot itself. You have some idea why this character exists (it does play into the plot) however, you only have small glimpses of her second character and don't fully understand why this second character is doing what it is, how it got there, and what the full point of this character is. If the writers and director are reading this I have four words for you....DEVELOP THE PLOT MORE!

Ralph Finnes did a phenominal job playing the character Steed. If they had to find someone to play this part, he was it. Amazingly enough, this is the one part of the movie they actually got correct. His character was well defined, his manners and edicit fit the character well, not to mention I did find him somewhat attractive (it's always a plus for us women!). Well done Finnes!

Overall, The film was very roughly put together. IT seemed rushed as if there wasn't a lot of thought put into the making of this film itself. I was expecting a film similar to that of the 4th Batman movie (ya know, the Clooney Batman) but as you can tell from my review I was royally disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the beginning of the movie was great, just the development of the plot (which I have mentioned several times by now) and the ending needs major help. In my opinion, wait for it to come on video. You'll be disappointed in the theater.


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