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I went into this movie expecting almost nothing. I mean, I like Wesley Snipes, and I love the entire "Vampire Hunter" ideaology. I had just heard so many bad things about this movie, that I expected it to suck. To add insult to injury, I saw it on a date, at the suggestion of my date. As it would turn out, the movie was a hell of a lot better than my date would end up being... who knew??

The special effects are truelly amazing in some parts, yet completely lame looking in others. Overall, they are passable. The action scenes are truelly inspiring, and the plot kicks some serious ass!

"Blade" is loosely based on a comic by Stan Lee, with the story adapted for the screen, with Wesley Snipes acting not only as main character, but executive producer and part writer as well. Usually this is a pretty fatal mix, but in the case of "Blade", it works surprisingly well.

Ok, ok, there are some pretty shameful "look at how buff I am" scenes with Mr. Snipes, but I can get over that (I guess that's the part of the movie that the other half of the couple is supposed to enjoy. I think next time I have a date I'll take her to a movie with a slightly less compelling lead, maybe that way *I* can get some sugar... anyways, I digress...) The editing in this movie is a little on the chainsaw edge, but the sped-up scenes and cuts work to give the movie the overall "comic book" feel... as does the fact that Blade is dressed in a costume that would make a power ranger look normal, yet he seems to mingle with the general populace without drawing even a little curiosity. All minor points, however...

Now on to the good parts. The opposite lead (I wish I remember who played this) was a gorgeous female blood surgeon (again, go figure!) who I wish was my date instead of the frozen bass that was sitting next to me. Sheesh, you'd think I'd get more than a hug and a "drive home safe" from this girl after the 3rd time we've gone out. MOVIES are expensive, dammit!! Ok, Blade's partner in crime is a character by the name of "Whistler" who is played by Kris Kristofferson (what a name!). An unusual, but brilliant choice in casting.

Stephen Dorf plays the bad guy. Completely believable in every aspect. Evil even to the evil realm within he resides.

Ok, the only "spoiler" I am going to give is that Blade is what is known as a "day walker." He was born just minutes after his mother was bitten and killed by a vampire. He inherits all the the strengths of being a vampire (the ability to regenerate limbs, super strength, resistance to illness, etc...) with none of the weaknesses (he can go out in broad daylight with no ill-effects.) The only down side is that he ages as would a regular human (true vampires live much, much longer.) He is also instilled with a deep hatred to the species (vampires) that killed his mother and made him what he is. There is also a great plot twist at the end that will seem obvious when it happens, but I bet you were not expecting it.

Well, that's pretty much it. "Blade" is a phenominal movie with a great storyline, unusually smart writing, superb acting and special effects, and fast paced action that will keep both men and women glued to their seats. (I only wish my date was a little less glued to her seat when the movie was over!).

"Blade" is rated "R" for extreme violence, murder, and adult sexual situations. There is some brief nudity in this film.


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