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Language, Sexuality, some violence and extensive drug use
Directed by: Ted Demme
Written by: Bruce Porter(book), David Mckenna
Starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Franka Potente
Paul Reubens, Ray Liotta

Based on the true story of George Jung, who basically introduced and trafficked cocaine to the United States, and is now serving life in prison. Johnny Depp brings another great performance to the screen, and is well enjoyed throughout this film.

Even though this film is good, it's not a great film. There are at least five different other movies within this one, so Blow really doesn't bring nothing new to the screen. It was nice to see Paul Reubens(P.W. Herman) again on the big screen, other than portraying P.W. "Run Lola Run" fans will be happy to know that Franka Potente stars as Depp's girlfriend. She's rather good, and can't wait to see her in other 'American films'.

While it was good to see how cocaine got introduced to the United States and got popular as time went on, blow just seemed average to me and doesn't really compare to "Traffic". I think It is a more well-made film and is just extraordinary to see.

In closing-those of you who are curious about the guy, whose responsible for almost 80%(a guess) of the cocaine being introduced to the United States, and to see what this guy went through, will probably find this interesting, but would rather have you see the movie "Traffic".

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.