Las Vegas Film Society

Brain Donors

Adult humor
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
Written by: Pat Proft
Starring: John Turturro, Bob Nelson, Mel Smith,
John Savident, Teri Copley

Brain Donors is another movie that really didn’t do anything when released in theaters. I also remember that this movie had a hard time being released, due to the original title, “Lame Ducks”. Simply put, “Brain Donors” is a remake of the Marx Brothers classic, “A Night at the Opera”.

Marx Brothers movies are the most funny movies you will ever see, so doing a remake would be almost ludicrous. With a script by Pat Proft, you really don’t mind. Playing the roles of the remade Marx Brothers are John Turturo-as Roland T. Flakfizer(Groucho character), Bob Nelson-as Jacques(Harpo character) and Mel Smith-as Rocco Melonchek(Chico character)

Roland is a ambulance chasing lawyer who wants to put on the greatest play to impress a millionaire and her money! Roland and his two pals try to outwit the millionaire widow and her lawyer who also want to run the ballet. While this movie is a remake of “Night at the Opera”, it also makes fun of the other Marx Brothers movies. “Duck Soup”(the best Marx movie) and “Day at the Races”.

Pat Proft’s script is genuinely funny and quite entertaining. John Turturro is funny and delivers the one-liners just like Groucho(but only Croucho is the best!) Bob Nelson, even though he’s playing the louder version of Harpo, is still really funny. Mel Smith is equally liked as his character. Again I will say, what really makes this movie is the script. You will have to watch this movie numerous of times to catch all the jokes-and there is a lot!

Parting thoughts-While nothing and I mean nothing will beat a good Marx Brothers movie, Brain Donors can’t be beat.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.