Las Vegas Film Society


Language and strong sexual content
Directed and Written by: Gary Hardwick
Starring: Tatyana Ali, Bill Bellamy, Julie Benz, D.L. Hughley

Four guy friends, called the 'brothers', start to question their own relationships, when one of them announces his impending nuptials. This was a nice change of pace to see a male type of "Waiting To Exhale" type of movie, but it still lacked a lot of charm.

The was just enough humor in the movie to keep you interested, and D.L. Hughley is humorous as he normally is. Nothing really stands out, there just isn't a lot in this movie to keep the general audience entertained. Basically just a few funny lines of dialogue here and there.

In closing- while I'm just barley recommending this movie, I have a feeling that the upcoming "Kingdom Come"(April 11th) might be a better choice.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.