Las Vegas Film Society

Cannibal! The Musical

Comedic gore/adult humor
Directed and Written by: Trey Parker
Starring: Matt Stone, Juan Swartz, Toddy Walters, Ian Hardin

Cannibal! The Musical is another release under Troma Films. If you have never seen a Troma Film before, you have no idea what you're in store for. Basically, Troma Films have a very sick humor, grotesque gore and just basically silliness.

This movie is written and directed by Trey Parker, of South Park fame, and stars his friend Matt Stone. This is one of their movies that we finally get to see, including Orgasmo(but thatís another review).

Cannibal is the story of the only convicted person of cannibalism in America-Alfred Parker. There just happens to be a sole survivor of a humorous and gruesome trip to the Colorado Territory. The survivor tells his version of the story to a news reporter as he awaits his execution. The trip is filled with unthinkable horrors and toe-tapping musical numbers.

Basically, all I can say about this movie is that you have to see it for yourself and judge for yourself. Remember, Troma films should only be for people who love bizarre, wacky, and humorous horror. If your also a Matt Stone/Trey Parker fan, you just might like this as well.

Defiantly for people who are Troma fans!!!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.