Las Vegas Film Society

The Contender

Strong sexual content, language
Directed & Written by: Rod Lurie
Starring: Joan Allen, Gary Oldman, Jeff Bridges, Christen Slater

I really can’t understand why this movie didn’t find an audience. Maybe it was because people associated it with all the foul things happening with former President Clinton, and people just got tired of hearing/seeing the same thing again. It was all bad timing I guess.

The contender is one terrific political courtroom thriller. The vice president is dead, and president(Jeff Bridges) has to find a replacement. Choices have to be made, and a secret contest of morals and wills is being waged by a rival(Gary Oldman) who doesn’t want to see Senator Laine Hanson(Joan Allen) nominated. Which will make her the first woman is history to hold the position. Pasts are brought up to make sure Hanson doesn’t get the position.

This is by far the best political thriller you will see in a long time. The cast gives, in one word, AWESOME performances. This movie is powerful and thrilling, and will make you think. Jeff Bridges is great as the president, and some what amusing-his character just loves being president. This is another film that shouldn’t be passed up. If you want a grade ‘A’ thriller, than choose “The Contender”.

Final thoughts-I don’t have to say anymore, than what’s already been said. BUY THIS MOVIE!(DVD!)

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.