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Deep Rising


I remember the 1st time I saw a review for this movie. I told myself, "Either this movie is gonna completely suck or it's gonna kick some major ass." Well, I am glad to report that it kicks some major ass.

I have read all the negative things that mainstream reviewers have wrote about this movie. Yes, there is extensive use of CG, and yes, the plot does run a little predictable. Personally, neither one of these things bothers me enough to detract from the over-all movie experience.

Lemme explain both points. 1) The use of CG: Yes, I agree that CG has come a long way, but still needs a little work. However, there are some major advances to using CG as opposed to stop motion models. One, the CG models at least run at the same frame-rate as the movie. Two, using CG an artist can pretty much design any creature, effect that they want to. And thirdly, the cost of CG is so cheap when compared to building a traditional model and animating stop-frame, that on a lower budget movie (such as this), instead of seeing the monster just a couple of times during the film, you get to see it A LOT. (Major bonus in my book. I mean, look at the 1st King Kong, by far the best one yet, but tell me that you think Kong looks like a natural part of the frame and I'll call you a liar!)

2) The predictable plot. Hell, it's a monster/disaster movie. 'Nuff said. There's a reason why these movies don't win Academy Awards. They are meant to entertain, not express art.

Ok, with that being said, on the the finer points of the movie. For what it is, 'Deep Rising' delivers. It has plenty of action, with most of it being believable. There are no miraclulous stunts with the main character bouncing off of the roof of a 20 story building or riding on the wing of a jet plane.

Treat Williams does a decent job of playing the main character. Not a good guy, but definitely not one of the bad guys. Ok ok ok, let's get down to the tall and the skinny of this thing.

Treat Williams is a mercenary boat captain for hire, who asks no questions when hired to take people anywhere they wish to go. (If the cash is there, then we don't care!) He is hired to take a group of terrorists out to the south china sea. When they get there, they find a deserted luxury cruise ship, with no sign of the passengers (except for blood splattered just about everywhere.) Then the fun begins. Add to the mix a beautiful lady theif, a dozen or so tentacled monsters, and a machine gun that holds 1,000 rounds, and you have yourself a very successful "Bud Ice" weekend.

Deep Rising is rated "R" for violence, language, adult situations, and brief frontal nudity.


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