Las Vegas Film Society

Exit Wounds

Language, violence, Nudity
Directed By: Andrzeji Bartkowiak
Written by: John Westermann(novel) & Ed Horowitz
Starring: Steven Seagal, DMX, Tom Arnold, Isaiah Washington

The last time we saw Steven Seagal in a theatrical movie was back in 1997, with “Fire Down Below”. Since only two people saw his last movie, Steven has only been doing straight to video movies, Have you ever seen “Get Bruce” or “The Partiot” (not the Mel Gibson movie), well I haven’t either. I guess Steven Seagal has to pay his rent, because somebody saw potential in him again to act in theatrical movies again. This time, Steven lost the weight and cut off his ponytail. Will this change the minds of movie-goers and show that Steven Seagal is better the second time around? The answer, NO! He’s still the same squinty eye, bad actor with bad moves.

I will give him credit though, he did have a few good movies, but the only one I liked was, “Under Siege”. Well, enough with the Seagal bashing.

Steven Seagal stars as Orin Boyd, a Detroit police detective who teams up with Isaiah Washington to bring down a conspiracy in the police force, and to track down a crime lord(DMX).

I must admit, going into this movie I had my doubts. While this isn’t a great Seagal film, it’s not a bad one either. It is actually one of his better ones in a long time. What makes this film enjoyable isn’t really Seagal, it’s Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson(Me, Myself and Irene). The both of them provide so much comic relief, that it’s a pleasure to watch this film. Director Andrzeji Bartkowiak(Romeo Must Die-also starred DMX) keeps the action and story at a nice pace.

As a last note, you will defiantly want to stay through the credits, as Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson talk and mostly improv together. It’s actually the funniest thing in the movie, these two could be in their own movie.

In closing, people who are Steven Seagal fans will really enjoy this movie, as well as the non-Steven Seagal fans.

On a technical note-I couldn’t help notice all the mannequins they used for the explosion scenes could be seen quite visibly!!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.