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The Faculty


Well, it looks as though Robert Rodriguez has done it again. 'The Faculty' flippin' rocks!! Now, I have to admit that (with the notable exception of "desperado"), I am a die hard Robert Rodriguez fan. I loved "From Dusk 'Til Dawn", and this movie (although not anywhere close to achieving the same high marks as that film) is no exception.

'The Faculty' is loosley a modern adaptation of Robert Heinlein's "The Pupper Masters" mixed with a little of the "Body Snatchers." (Hell, the movie even alludes to that in the body of the story!)

A lot of people have complained about the originality of this film. Well, what can I tell you?? Every single movie based on love could be considered un-original. Every movie based on Space Aliens (although this is heavilty argued in some circles) could be considered un-original.

Ok, here's the thing... "IF" in fact something like this were to happen in real life, what on Earth would you have as a reference for conversation sake other than movies or books? I mean, if vampires suddenly started taking over Manhattan, wouldn't you think casual conversation (??) on the subject might just happen to bring up Anne Rice? So... here we are faced with Aliens taking over people, wouldn't you think it a little strange if the main characters DIDN'T bring up 'Puppet Masters' and 'Body Snatchers'??

Now... on to the things that matter... like special effects!! In a word... simply "PHENOMINAL!" Just wait until you see the main "alien" walking around with all the tentacles flailing... or the teacher who "looses her head", so to speak!! Flippin' awesome!

The cast is worth noting, as well. Jason Patrick is the coach (Terminator 2, anyone?) and Bebe Neuworth is the principle (Lilith from Cheers).... I don't know about you, but if I had Bebe Neuworth as my principle, I'd be called into that damn principle's office every flippin' day!! Not to mention the fact that I LOVED seeing Jon Stewart in a non "funny-man" role... hell, I cried when the Jon Stewart show was taken off the air... thank God that he has been given the reighn to the "Daily Show" on Comedy Central... and who didn't absolutely love seeing Harry Knowles play a teacher?! Alas, I digress...

Ok ok... back to the movie... Six students, ranging from the mediocre to the football jock, somehow find themselves allies against the alien takeover that no one will believe is happening. In all honesty, it is fairly standard stuff as far as these movies are concerned, but Robert Rodriguez shows us time and time again why his movies are 10 times more interesting that those made by the hollywood robots.

All in all, you could do a helluva-lot worse than 'The Faculty' this movie going season, and decent "non-scream" fright flicks are hard to come by. "The Faculty" is Rated "R" for violence, frequent drug use, and brief, shaded nudity.


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