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Galaxy Quest


I had originally planned on penning this review a few days before the year 2000 hit, but the company I was using previously to host the site decided to lock me out from my site for traffic violations. Of course, it would have been nice had they warned me they were going to do this before they did, but unfortunately for me, I get home from The Orleans Hotel & Casino fresh from the cinema and I cannot FTP to my server! Well, I am not going to go into details about what company did this, (or comment on the fact that during the most important New Year's weekend in a thousand years my web site was DOWN), needless to say the site is now hosted on a different company's server. Ok, now on to the review...!

To be honest, when I first heard of the idea, I thought it would suck. I mean, Tim Allen?? The reformed drug trafficer turned Disney mascot playing a parody of William Shatner? But, thankfully, as it turned out it worked quite well. By the time I actually made it to a theater to see the film, I had already hoped that this would be as good a film as it should be. Was it? HELL YES!

To be honest, this film does a better job making fun of the Star Trek franchise than Star Trek does making a serious film! The special effects are awesome, the characters genuine, and the story is as hysterical as it is thought provoking.

Now, you know it is not my style to tell (or give away) the plot of a movie in a review, but I will tell you at least as much as you already know from watching the trailers.

The movie is based on a set of characters that closely resemble those of the original Star Trek series. The brash yet dapper captain, the oft too serious actor who plays the resident alien 1st officer, the gorgeous (arguable, I mean, Sigorny Weaver? Why not that chick from Starship Troopers with the big fake breasts and capped smile?) female character that does little other than repeat what the computer already said (a parody more towards Deanna Troi from Next Gen than Uhura from TOS), the boy genious navigator (again, a nod to Wesley Crusher on Next Gen), and the ever calm and savvy engineer (can we say, Scottie, anyone? I knew ya could!). Ok, anyway, a race of aliens receives the transmissions of the shows reruns accross space and erroneously interpret them as "Historical Documents" instead of entertainment.

When the aliens have a problem with an aggressor species that they do not know how to handle, they build an exact replica of the USEA 'Protector' from the show and set out to enlist the "crew" to pilot the ship to victory over their enemy. What better place to make contact then at a "Galaxy Quest" convention?

One of the funniest parts of the movie is close to the beginning when Tim Allen's character is using the John at one of the Galaxy Quest conventions and overhears two teenage boys making fun of the convention crowd: "What a bunch of losers, man! I mean, it's a television show! - Yeah, and what about that Taggart guy? He thinks he's really cool, yet all the others are laughing at him! - I know... Hey, we'd better hurry, we don't want to miss the Galaxy Quest Dancers!! Hahaha..."

The show is full of funny lines that you would expect to hear Leonard Nimoy say to William Shatner if the situation had happened to the actual actors from Star Trek. "I see you managed to get your shirt off..." A brilliant movie, absolutely an original idea, and will probably do to Star Trek and sci-fi what Blazing Saddles did to the classic American western.

Whether or not you are a staunch Star Trek fan, you will get a hoot out of this movie. It is entertaining and exciting in it's own right, and in some places is so absolutely hysterical you will have to make a conscious effort to contain your bodily fluids! Definately make an effort to see this movie while it is still on the big screen, but even if you cant, it is worth a look no matter what! Enjoy!


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