Las Vegas Film Society

Get Over It

Teenage comedy
Some crude/sexual humor, teen drinking & language
Directed by:Tommy O’Haver
Written by:R. Lee Fleming Jr.
Starring:Kristen Dunst, Ben Foster, Ed Begley Jr., Martin Short Sisqo

With constant teen trash being released like, Bring It On, Drive Me Crazy and She’s All That, comes along, Get Over It. Get Over It is nothing more than a lame Saturday morning soap opera, BUT WORSE!

Teenager Berke Lawrence(Ben Foster) has been dating his long time girlfriend Allison(Mellisa Sagemiller) Allison, thinks it’s time to move on, and breaks up with Berke. Berke can’t get over the break up, which Berke’s two best friends, Dennis(Sisqo-his acting debut) and Felix(Colin Hanks-son of Tom Hanks) decide to help him ‘get over it’(hence the movies title!)

Berke does what ever it takes to get Allison back, even if it means quitting the basketball team and joining the high school play. Berke than soon realizes the lead actress of the play, Kelly(Kristen Dunst) who just happens to be the little sister of his best friend-GASP!!

There isn’t much that can be said about this movie, not even the wonderful Kristen Dunst can save this film. It was nice to see Martin Short again-but just isn’t humorous. Sisqo, who should have had a stunt actor-because every scene, every look, seems like he has to take a s**t. The movie is very bland, and has to relay on small pointless and most of the time, stupid gags to run the movie along, and make us laugh(which I didn’t!) I mean a humping dog and an arrow wound in the arm just seemed like they were desperate for a laugh!

Some problems with the movie-Berke, who knows nothing about Shakespeare, but can daydream and pinpoint Shakespeare is beyond me. Near the end of the school play, Berke turns the play around to win a girl's heart(which I won’t spoil who) is somewhat similar to an episode of Saved By the Bell-where they do a high school play and Zach Morris turns the play around to win a girl heart!

Now, I must admit, I did laugh one time in this yuckfest-it’s when the movie opens and Berke is walking down a street and the song ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ plays with a band pacing behind him and the neighborhood dancing behind him.

In closing, the 80’s gave us the constant ‘body-switching movies and the 90’s(and presently) are giving us the ‘who’s taking who to prom’/nerd like popular girl(I call it the “Can’t buy me Love syndrome”) I really hate to see what coming for the future. I defiantly won't have a problem of ‘Getting over’ this movie!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.