Las Vegas Film Society

Joe Dirt

Crude & sex humor, language
Directed by: Dennie Gordon
Written by: David Spade, Fred Wolf
Starring: David Spade, Dennis Miller, Brittany Daniel

There are movies that are bad, some are horrendous, then there are some that make you want to poke your eyes out and shove large cotton swabs into your ears. "Joe Dirt" manages to fall into all of those categories.

This time David Spade plays a white trash idiot, who goes on a mission to find his parents that had left him at the Grand Canyon when he was a little kid. This movie is not funny in any way, its not even funny because it's stupid.

This movie has to be avoided at all costs, you will seriously regret watching this film and demand that somebody kill you and save you from this torture. I will do the liberty of saving you $5.25 and tell you what you will be missing. The following scenes I'm going to describe are very, very, very bad!!(I'm not making any of this up!)

  • Dog humping legs/other dog's
  • A dog's balls freeze to the front porch even though- it's not even cold out, and looks like it's summer
  • Oil rigger guy with oil on his overalls, pisses on a tiny fire, since oil is on his overalls, the fire runs up the urine stream and catches the guy on fire.
  • Spade strapped to a atom bomb, later finds out it's a septic tank filled with soupy poop, and gushes out all over Spade, as he just stands there complaining about it, but not moving out of the way.
  • Christopher Walken pretends to be dead, then is wheeled out in a body bag, Spade discovers he's not dead, Walken tells him, he faking his death-wouldn't the cops realize he's not dead, before putting him in a body bag??
  • Cows farting with lighters in the area

    Well, hopefully after that, you will realize that this is one movie NOT worth seeing.


    -John Steffens

    Another proud member of the Emperor family.