Las Vegas Film Society

Just Visiting

Adult humor
Directed by:Jean-Marie Poire'
Written by: Jean-Marie Poire'(1993 screenplay), Christian Clavier
John Hughes
Starring: Jean Reno, Christian Clavier, Christina Applegate
Tara Reid, Bridgette Wilson Samparas

"Just Visiting" is a remake of a French film from 1993, "Les Visiteurs". I haven't seen this version, but I heard that it is really hilarious! This time around, this movie has the same director, writer, and the two male actors, they just decided to make it into an American version-with the help of three hot females!

Two Frenchmen from the 12th century are transported back to Chicago in the 21st century, and while finding a way to get back home, have to deal with the new world.

This was a very funny film, that provided lots of laughs. Sure it's silly, ridiculous, quirky and sometimes stupid, but it's entertaining. Jean Reno brings quality to the film, without him, the movie would have been less interesting. Christian Clavier also brings comedic style.

"Just Visiting" doesn't have to hit you below the belt, or embarrass itself with gross out jokes, it just delivers you plain good old fashion comedy-a very nice change of pace. This movie has given me more entertainment value, than the last four piece of sh*t films I have seen in the last week.

In closing-If your looking for a nice comedy without all the dick and fart jokes, than spend an hour and a half with this movie-WELL WORTH IT!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.