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I have to start off this review by stating out right that his has to be one of the funniest movies I have seen in a very long time. Hell, maybe even one of the funniest movies I have *EVER* seen!

When I was a kid, and my family had the old HBO microwave antenna option connected to our rooftop, I remember seeing a movie called "Animal House." At that time (and due to my somewhat young age) I thought that was the comedy to beat all comedies. Every comedy I have ever seen since then has had to undergo the "Animal House" test. How well does 'there's something about MARY' stack up to this test? Well, it may be the one movie that surpasses it. A new era has been born. At last, another great comedy has been filmed! (and it's about damn time, too!)

When MTV decided to bankroll this picture (filmed by Fox Entertainment), they picked a script that had "winner" written all over it. Written and produced by the same team that brought you "Dumb and Dumber" and "Kingpin", it's no surprise that 'something about MARY' ended up being a fantastic movie.

This film does for comedy what '2001' did for sci-fi. It proves that a good genre film can still have good character development, an involving plot, and need not insult the intelligence of the audience (although portions of 'something about MARY' will probably insult *some* people!)

In the middle of this film is a dry sequence that more or less sets up the second half's hilarity. Although this may leave you a little "bored", it is essential for setting up the 2nd half of the film and you will be thanking your lucky stars that you made it through it. I can almost personally gaurantee that you will be laughing your butt off for the entire last half of this movie!

Ok... basically this movie is about (wait for it).... a girl named "Mary" and the actions and desires of most men that meet her. Mary is played magnificently by Cameron Diaz, while the main character (the good guy) is played (also very competently) by Ben Stiller. Every story must have its' villian, and in this film it is a sleazeball character played by Matt Dillon. Although I must admit to being somewhat attracted to Cameron Diaz, I'd much rather have had the part of Mary played by someone else, perhaps maybe by Sandra Bullock. I do conceed, though, that most guys prefer blondes. I am just weird, I guess...!

This movie is simply brilliant. It exceeds where a movie of this type doesn't expect to, it is much more involved than most in the same genre, and it is the epitome of how good writing, great acting, and superb production can take a movie above and beyond it's expectations and make it a classic. Look out "Animal House", here comes 'something about MARY!'

'There's something about MARY' is rated "R" for sexual situations, language and extreme pain. There is very brief (although obviously faked) nudity in this film.

(Just remember not to go out with a loaded gun!)


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