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(1985 American version)
Directed & Written by: James Glickenhaus
Starring: Jackie Chan, Danny Aiello, Sandy Alexander
While I haven’t seen the Chinese version-which I heard is absolutely fabulous, I had high hope for this version. When you have a movie with Jackie Chan and Danny Aiello, it has to be good right?-NOPE!

Somehow the American version(give thanks to James Glickenhaus) just got trashed. Jackie chan plays Billy Wong, a New York City cop whose partner got gunned down. Billy’s new partner Danny Garoni(Danny Aiello) are doing security at a fashion show, when a daughter of a millionaire gets kidnapped. They believe that the daughter’s father is involved with a drug king pin in Hong Kong, so Billy and Danny head to Hong Kong to investigate.

I really thought this was going to be half way good or somewhat entertaining-after knowing other Jackie Chan films, but this ‘American version’ really is bad. There is nothing ‘action’ about it and there is no or I probably should say NONE of the usual Jackie Chan fighting.

I have read somewhere that the director, James Glickenhaus stands by his version and decided to do it without the usual Chan fighting, because ‘America wouldn’t except his style!”. BIG MISTAKE!

Jackie Chan went back and filmed 30 minutes and added in his usual fighting style with interesting car chases and then also took out the nudity. The Chinese version is called ‘Wei Long Meng Tan’.

My closing thoughts are that Jackie Chan is much better when he does his own thing, and is more entertaining with his acrobatic fighting-that’s what ‘true American film lovers’ like!-PERIOD!

A lot of Jackie Chans work had been dumbed-down and completely ruins the film-dont even get me started on “The Legend of the Drunken Master”. If you truly want to see this film, get your hands on the Chinese version-”Wei Long Meng Tan”

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.