Las Vegas Film Society

Run Lola Run

Rated R
Directed & Written by:Tom Tykwer
Starring:Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup Nina Petri, Joachim Krol

First of all, to let all of the Ďclosed mindedí people out there that donít like to Ďreadí a movie or donít care for foreign films, you are missing one truly great film!

Run Lola Run is a sensational, fast paced movie about Lola(Franka Potente) who basically looks like Lelo from the Fifth Element. Lola receives a frantic phone call from her boyfriend Manni(Moritz Bleibtreu), who had just lost a small fortune belonging to his mobster boss. It is up to Lola to replace the money within twenty minutes or Manni will die.

Lola from the start, whirls you in a fast paced energy, that is set to pulsating techno music. You are also given three different versions of how Lola will meet her demise. There is never a dull moment in Lola.

When Lola runs, and she does run, she is whisked past numerous of pedestrians, and which point you are quickly given numerous shots of basically the whole life of each of those pedestrians. I never got a chance to see this in the theater, when first released, and had to discover it on DVD. I was caught up in every minute of it, as you will too!

If you ever get the chance, PLEASE rent or buy this(preferably on DVD!) Those of you who still donít want to venture into the foreign/subtitle world, this might be one film that will change your mind!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.