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Rush Hour


Now this was an interesting pair-up. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Touted as "The quickest hands of the East meets the biggest mouth of the West", this movie is either an example of creative genious or the worst hang-over idea in history.

Luckily, the movie works quite well. It's no secret to long time readers/members of the LVFS that several of our reviewers (myself included) love Jackie Chan and feel it is high time that he get some work in the U.S. 'Rush Hour' starts off like a typical Chan film (except that for the first time in history Jackie is NOT being overdubbed!), with Jackie's character kicking major ass on an assignment for the Royal Hong Kong Police. It turns out, it is the final assignment for the RHKP before China takes control of the island. It is the night before, and the supporting character's family is moving to the U.S.

Then we enter Chris Tucker's character. Yanno, when I saw him in 5th Element, I was completely annoyed by his character and the squeaky voice he chose to use. Well, I wasn't more than 30 seconds into his portion of 'Rush Hour' before I realized that was the only voice he has! But I digress... the writers did an excellent job of mixing several genres together and making them work. 'Rush Hour' could easily be called a "comedy, action, drama, martial arts" film. There are times when you seamlessly switch from a straight forward Chan sequence, to a hilarious Tucker sequence (and even better when both elements are combined into a single sequence.)

Simply put, this movie works. If you are a Chan fan, then there is more than enough here to keep you satisfied (just take a look at the last stunt in this film, you'll know the one I am talking about!). If you are a fan of Chris Tucker, there is more than enough hilarity and one liners to keep you happy.

The story line is a little simplistic, but again, in these types of movies you aren't going for the complicated plot. It's your basic "girl gets kidnapped, bumbling detective gets new partner, and together, they solve the crime in spite of themselves" movie. But that's OK, because the elements of action and comedy make this a quick trip from beginning to the end. In fact, I was a little disappointed when the movie did come to a close.

Being a long time Jackie fan, I realize he is getting a little older and has maybe one or two more good movies left (to quote the man himself.) It is a shame that we here in America have chosen to ignore one of the most internationally acclaimed action stars to not originate in the states. It's as if the star is not American, we will not watch the movie. Oh well, there are no shortage of video re-releases of his older movies to keep us placated for a little while. If you liked 'Rush Hour', or think you might, I suggest renting "Drunken Master" and "Drunken Master II."

Rush Hour is rated PG-13 and runs 98 minutes.


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