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Rush Hour 2

Action violence, language, some sexual material
Directed by: Brett Ratner
Written by: Ross LaManna(characters), Jeff Nathanson
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ziyi Zhang

Back in 1998, people were entertained with a little movie starring the great comedic martial arts actor; Jackie Chan and the fast talking Eddie Murphy clone; Chris Tucker. Rush Hour became an instant success, and ended up grossing more than $140 million.

So, a sequel was inevitable, and so was a pay raise for the actors, to reprise their roles. I forgot what Tucker got paid for the first one (at least a couple million) but for the sequel, Tucker got paid an astounding $20 million. I think Jackie Chan got about $15 million for this one.

I had really good hopes, going into this movie, as I was a huge fan of the original. Now, after viewing the film, I will say that I was not disappointed! This was funnier with better fighting sequences with Jackie. But I do happen to like the original slightly better, but not by much.

In the sequel, it picks up right where the first one ended. Lee and Carter are together in Hong Kong, vacationing and working together on Lee's cases. One specifically, is where Lee and Carter investigate a bombing at the American Embassy (I think), which then leads to a Chinese Triad gang.

This film is DEFIANTLY worth checking out. Tucker and Chan's chemistry is even better this time around. With all the summer crap we have had lately, this one will surely impress! Make sure you stay in your seats at the credits, as there are more out takes. These are even funnier than the movie and the out takes from the first one.

In closing, if there is one movie to see right now, it would have to be Rush Hour 2! I would even suggest seeing it twice, like I'll be doing this week!

For you DVD fans, New Line Cinema is currently working on the Infifilm DVD series for this movie, and will hopefully feature the deleted scenes, including the one with Chris Penn (Clive, from the first movie) and Chris Tucker recovering his passport at the Hong Kong massage parlor.

AND YES, RUSH HOUR 3 is coming!!!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.