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Say It Isn’t So

Strong sexual content, crude humor and language
Directed by: James B. Rogers
Written by: Peter Gaulke, Gerry Swallow
Starring: Chris Klien, Heather Graham, Sally Field, Orlando Jones

Here comes another wanna be “There’s Something About Mary”, where it tries to use gross out humor to target it’s audience. Mary was a great movie with terrific jokes and well scripted story. Unfortunately, “Say It Isn’t So” isn’t ranked up there with Mary. To be perfectly honest it ranks down on the bottom-way, way on the bottom.

Keep in mind, that even though “Say It Isn’t So” has been advertised as by the guys who brought you “Something About Mary”-referring to Bob & Peter Farrlley. This doesn’t mean it’s their movie. The Farrlley’s only produced it, and in no way wrote or directed this mess.

The story starts out with Gilbert Noble(Chris Klien) meeting Jo wingfield(Heather Graham) and falling in love with her. Gilbert soon finds out that the woman he has been in love with and having sex with, is his long lost sister. Jo leaves Gilbert and marries her x-boyfriend. Gilbert than gets information that Jo Isn’t his sister and decides to search for her, to marry her.

While the story idea for this movie seems like a perfect idea to be a gross-out comedy, it just doesn’t deliver any great jokes and is just plain unfunny. This movie tries to set up so many jokes, but fails at delivering the punch line. Not even the attractive and pleasing Heather Graham can save this notorious mess of a movie.

This is one movie where I was looking at my watch numerous of times, and wanted the story just to end. Also in this mess is Orlando Jones(7-up guy), who just isn’t funny to me or just doesn’t have funny material written for him. Why is it, that every movie Orlando Jones has been in, just plain SUCKS!(except Office Space).

Sally Field seems out of place, and almost unnecessary (not a good choice), Sarah Silverman-who I normally like, just seems like she knows it's a bad movie, and decided to act bad in the movie.

In closing- those of you who are looking for a good ‘gross-out’ type of movie are going to be really disappointed, as this movie doesn’t deliver the comedy it should. I personally think the Farrelly’s should have taken complete control and reworked it into a better and more pleasing comedy-like they know how to do.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.