Las Vegas Film Society

See Spot Run

Crude humor, language and comic violence
Directed by: John Whitesell
Written by: Andrew Deane, Michael Alexander Miller
Starring: David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb
Paul Sorvino

“See Spot Run” or what this piece of trash should have been called, “Home alone 4:The Dog Catchers”. This isn’t a good film, I guess for kids it’s entertaining, for the fact that most of the humor is brought about by animals farting and ‘Home Alone’ type violence.

David Arquette plays an untrustworthy mailman that baby-sits his neighbor’s kid and a runaway FBI dog. Paul Sorvino is the mob guy that is after the dog, to eliminate it, because the dog is the only one who can identify him.

The kid(Angus T Jones)is cute and adorable. Leslie Bibb is really gorgeous, David Arquette is, well, David Arquette. Arquette mostly acts like the way he does in a 1-800-CALL-ATT commercial. Clarke Duncan is OK, Paul Sorvino is the same bad guy character which is nothing new. The only entertaining person in this movie is Anthony Anderson (“Me, Myself, And Irene”).

All in all this movie is nothing but mindless entertainment for your seven year old. So all the adults-AVOID THIS FILM!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.