Las Vegas Film Society

Shakes the Clown

Comedy/dark comedy
Adult/crude humor, adult situations
Directed & Written by: Bob(Bobcat) Goldthwait
Starring: Bob(Bobcat) Goldthwait, Julie Brown, Adam Sandler,
Tom Kenny

Bobcat has played the idiot in “Burglar” and the complete moron in the “Police Academy” movies. Now Bobcat not only acts, he can direct! Bobcat plays the one and only Shakes the clown, a alcoholic party clown. Shakes, who is expecting a starring role on a popular TV show, looses it to his arch rival clown-Binky. Shakes goes in a depression and drinks and drinks. Shakes looses his job, looses his girlfriend and gets framed for killing his boss.

While “Shakes” isn’t liked by everyone-including the National Clown council(This is true!), it still is pretty funny. Yeah, it’s crude and rude and stupid, but I couldn’t help but laugh all throughout this movie. We laugh at clowns all the time-especially when they’re not funny. But, Bobcat playing a drunk party clown 'freaking out’ at a kids party, and then for kicks he drives up and beats up a bunch of mimes- is just absolutely funny!

Tom Kenny is great as Binky, Adam Sandler is also funny as Shakes’s best clown friend. Julie Brown, even though her voice is a little annoying, is funny too. People might also be surprised to see Robin Williams(uncredited) in this movie, playing a mime teacher-who is funny also. I recommend this for any Bobcat fan!

For Police Academy fans-Zed who always fought with Sweetchuck(Tim Kazurinsky) are met up again in a party scene-but in different roles of course!

Even though people might find this movie offensive and crude, they just have to wise-up and realize that it’s only a movie, learn to enjoy a movie and not worry about something that’s not even real!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.