Las Vegas Film Society

Spy Kids

Mild action violence
Directed & Written by: Robert Rodriquez
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alan Cumming
Cheech Marin, Teri Hatcher, Robert Patrick, Tony Shalhoub

“Spy Kids” is the first family film for director Robert Rodriguez. Rodriguez is mainly known for great movies, such as “El Marachi”, “Desperado”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “The Faculty”.

This time he wins audiences over with this rather surprisingly enjoyable film. What makes this movie great is the blend of action and silliness, and putting it in a family film without sinking to the lowest level for a laugh.

The movie starts out when two kids, Carmen(Alexa Vega) and Juni(Daryl Sabara) find out that their normal parents, Gregorio(Antonio Banderas) and Ingrid(Carla Gugino) are really super spies. After their parents are captured by the evil and whimsical Fegan Floop(Alan Cumming), their kids are the only hope for rescuing them.

Rodriguez keeps his style of comedy with action and fast camera pans, Latino guitar music throughout this movie. Rodriguez also does a great job directing the kids, like he does in “The Misbehaviors”-the mini film within “Four Rooms”. While Rodriguez makes the film enjoyable for kids, he also keeps the adults entertained as well.

Aside from Rodriguez’s guitar theme, Danny Elfman composed the “Spy Kids” theme, and did a song that has to do with the Floop character-which reminded me of the song, “It’s Halloween”, from “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Danny’s music just adds more excitement to the movie.

In Closing-This is a must see for all Rodriguez fans and for all ages, including the adults! This is one fun movie!

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.