Las Vegas Film Society


Strong sexual content, language
Directed & Written by: Gregory Poirier
Starring: Jerry O'Connell, Shannon Elizabeth, Jake Busey

Before I say anything about this film, I will warn you and say this. The guy that directed this movie, has never directed a movie before and has written the completely awful "See Spot Run", oh, and this stars Jake Busey too!

I have always wondered what a porno movie would be like if it was longer and with an actual story-well this is it, without a story. This movie is moronic, repulsive, brainless, hopeless, demeaning, painful, and worthless. There are more words I would like to use for this movie but, I would have to copy down my thesaurus, and I have already wasted my time viewing this piece of s**t.

All I'm going to say what this movie is about is that, group of friends make a bet on who can be the last one to stay single and win the money in the pot.

This movie should be avoided like the plague. Don't waste your time or money-your actually better off renting an actual porno, and not getting offensive or embarrassed by it. Plus you'll get more entertainment value out of it.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.