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The Waterboy


Yanno, with all the people who are so serious these days with their movie reviews, and the attitudes that only "decent" or "artistic" films deserve to be made/seen, I am glad to know that movies like 'The Waterboy' are still being made.

Ok, let me elaborate a little bit. Do you remember what it was like when comedies ruled the cinema? When such movies as "Animal House" and "Stripes" and even to a lesser degree "Ghostbusters" were all top blockbusters? Well, that golden age of comedy has been over for quite some time. I mean, genre films always go through a period of hit and miss. At one point in the mid to late 70's and early 80's, a studio couldn't miss with a horror movie. Then comedies took over, and now, it seems, the drama and the "art" film reighn supreme. Well, in this climate of French oddities and just plain weird and un-interesting celluloid, sometimes it can be nice to get back to the staples. You know, the bread and butter, the milk of the story, the thing that essentially keeps the body alive.

I have come to see Adam Sandler as I see (to a somewhat lesser degree) Jackie Chan. Ok, now before I go walking on someone's God, I had better explain myself. Jackie Chan's movies are always consistent. He may not ever win an academy award for the most touching performance, or for the best acting in a lead role, but every Jackie Chan movie I have ever seen (Ok, with a few notable exceptions) has delivered the goods. Great martial arts action with some cool comedy to boot. It is with that same assuredness that I look to Adan Sandler movies. Granted, he will Never win an academy award, but almost all of Adam Sandler's movies have delivered where it counts. I laugh. That's it, nothing more. A simple story about a simple guy achieving simple goals, but making me howl in the process. Now, to me, that's what makes giving up $35 for myself and a date to get in the theatre and get some good chow and drink all worth while. If I wanted historical accuracy or greatly delievered acting, I'd go to a play (or a show seeing as how I live in Las Vegas).

In this vein, 'The Waterboy' delivers quite nicely. It is a great "quote" movie, which means for the next 2 weeks you and all your buddies will be reciting your favorite lines from this movie while at the water cooler (LOL!) or enjoying a great Fatburger on your lunch break. Some of the things that happen in this movie are simply hysterical, and as far as mindless comedies go, I am proud to announce that 'The Waterboy' has some clever moments that make you wonder just who did they get to write this screenplay (I'd tell you if I knew, but it is hard to come by this information when the movie is still so new... I mean, when I am watching the movie, I am too busy watching it to start taking production notes!)

Oh, here goes the standard movie review part of the review... 'The Waterboy' is the story of a mildly slow 31 year old from the Bayou that loses his job as the waterboy for a major university after 18 years of dedicated service. He then applies for the same job at a lower university (the underdog), and accepts the position free of pay just to improve the quality of the water provided to the school's misguided football team (lead by Henry Winkler.) After discovering his "unique" ability to floor people (reminicent of 'Happy Gillmore'), the coach decides to put the waterboy on the team. The rest is "misfit leads other misfits to victory against all odds" comedy standard fare. But, like I said before, at least it is an enjoyable trip and is classic Sandler all the way.

After all is said and done, and all the dust settles, I can whole-heartedly recommend 'The Waterboy' as a weekend movie prospect for a group of beer drinking buddies, and if you happened to take a date to "Something About Mary", and she/he liked it, then you can't miss with 'The Waterboy.'


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