Las Vegas Film Society

Wonder Boys

Language and drug content
Directed by: Curtis Hanson
Written by: Michael Chabon(novel), Steven Kloves
Starring: Michael Douglas, Tobey Mcquire, Frances Mc Dormand
Robert Downey Jr, Katie Holmes

I guess, I will start out by saying that “Wonder Boys” is a movie your either going to hate it or purely love it. It’s really going to have to connect with you, in order to like it. I am one of those people that didn’t love it. I had a really hard time connecting with the movie.

Michael Douglas plays Grady Tripp, a professor/writer, who is struggling with writer’s block. Graddy also gets the chancellor(Mc Dormand) pregnant. Graddy also befriends one of his students, James Leer(Mcquire).

This is a ‘talkie’ movie, with humor, but I found it to be mostly dry humor. The story also seems to be a little bland and slow. There is lots of great performances in this movie, including Michael Douglas’s. I did like this movie, I’m still recommending it, but I could recommend other movies that are better.

I would also recommend Curtis Hanson’s other movie, “L.A. Confidential”(A+ MOVIE!)

In closing-”Wonder Boys” is a wonderful piece of film, but has to really drag you in and keep you there, or else you will loose interest fast. Just don’t have high expectations for this movie, like I did-I got disappointed! I was really wanting to love this film.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.