Las Vegas Film Society

What's the Worst That Can Happen?

Language and sexual content
Directed by: Sam Weisman
Written by: Donald E. Westlake(novel) & Matthew Chapman
Starring: Danny DeVito, Martin Lawrence, John Leguizamo

What's the worst that can happen? A phrase that was going through my mind from the day I saw the trailer till the end of the movie. I thought that maybe this movie could be saved by two funny actors, three if you count Leguizamo. But not even their talent can save this boring movie. I actually thought it was a waste of talent for these actors.

Danny DeVito is Max Fairbanks, a rich man who is soon to be bankrupt. Max catches a professional thief, Kevin Caffery (Martin Lawrence). Right before Kevin is sent to jail, Max claims a ring that is Kevin's, as his own, hence, the rich man stealing from the thief.

Even though this movie is a comedy, it's filled with numerous plot holes. I also felt that after about thirty minutes, the movie was getting really stale and boring. Then after about an hour, I felt the movie was getting monotonous. I could really care less who got the ring or not.

This is a movie that should only be rented if you have rented everything else you wanted. For a Martin Lawrence movie, it's a pretty bad one. There are a few laugh scenes, but it doesn't make up for a weak movie.

-John Steffens

Another proud member of the Emperor family.