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Cast Biographies

A former minor league football player and security guard, Tim Daley headlines the cast as Captain Carl Halsey. Mike Conway chose Daley for his rugged looks and commanding voice. Daley's past experience has been with commercial voice overs. TERRARIUM is his first film.

Jason Hall started out making his own movies and comic books. "Pistol Whip", written by Hall and Matt Kindt was just honored as Time Magazine's 10 best comics. Hall possesses a humorous charisma, which was first displayed in ROADKILL. Hall returned for TERRARIUM as ship's engineer, Leonard Parks.

A preacher's daughter, Sheila Conway never imagined she would be shooting a feature film while she was eight months pregnant. Her performances in the short films, ETERNAL and ROADKILL, left husband, Mike, with no doubt about casting her in TERRARIUM. A career Chef, Mrs. Conway gives an incredible performance as Nicole Vos.

Shae Wilson has appeared in such projects as S.I.N., I'm Sorry Uncle Eric, America's Most Wanted and recently signed with one of the biggest talent agents in Las Vegas, McCarty Talent. Miss Wilson gives a riveting performance as chemist, Dena Warren.

Jim Hendrickson lent his expertise as photographer, stand in and production assistant on ROADKILL. He returns to duty for his second Mike Conway movie, TERRARIUM, by playing the pivotal role of architect, Robert Ziegler.

Carlos Marroquin provided the radio voice in ROADKILL. Mike Conway purposely wrote a big vocabulary to play against Marroquin's thick Guatemalan accent. Although Marroquin was intimidated at first, Conway knew he could pull off the role as the illustrious Dr. Lamendola.

From living on the streets, homeless, to fast becoming one of the most sought after black actors around, Jeff Rivera gives a star-making performance as the British met specialist, Brandon Williams.

Lily Santoro worked with a young Mike Conway, starring in his 1989 film, The Black Crystal. One of a few veterans in the cast, Santoro did not hesitate to jump onto Conway's second feature, TERRARIUM. Santoro plays the off-kilter Kim Feldman.

"The Ice Queen." By the age of 12, Foster Boom was seeing ghostly apparitions in her bedroom and she knew her life would be anything but normal. A trained actress, Miss Boom has appeared in such films a S.I.N., Mismatched, and portrays a Starfleet officer in Star Trek - The Experience, at the Las Vegas Hilton. Miss Boom gives a chilling performance as biologist Valerie Davidson.

School teacher by day, actress by night, Kristina Krider has appeared in numerous commercials, and corporate videos. She makes her film debut, in TERRARIUM. Miss Krider aspires to do more roles, especially where she "can scream," she jokes.

After his father died at the age of 16, veteran actor, Eric Randall was inspired to pursue his life long dream of becoming an actor. Having been a TV weatherman in Las Vegas, for 14 years, Mr. Randall has also appeared in S.I.N., Casino, Watcher, and hosts the USA Network series, Sports Desk. Mr. Randall gives an engaging performance as Roger Franklin.

Jennifer Salem has done mostly "extra" work, over the years. In TERRARIUM, she appears as Carl Halsey's wife, Janice.

Former Model and theater actress, Yvonne Beirne, drew the short straw to become TERRARIUM's key first victim, Rita Cardenas.

Originally from Chicago, this 10 year old acting sensation makes her debut as Carl Halsey's daughter, Melissa.

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