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Film Makers Biographies

Mike Conway graduated from the University of Arizona, in 1988. A year later, he shot his first feature, the internationally released, The BLACK CRYSTAL. Conway has made 29 shorts and 2 feature films. He is the Writer, Director, Composer, Editor and Cameraman. He also handles pyrotechnic, makeup and sound effects. Conway wants to remain an independent, making films that are true to his sometimes boyish nature.

From upstate New York, this incredible filmmaker jumped at the chance to work with Mike Conway on his film, TERRARIUM. Paul Folger is the owner of INOV8 productions. He has worked with such esteemed companies as Station Casinos, amoung others. A graphics design genious, Folger has worked on such projects as ROADKILL, and I'm Sorry Uncle Eric. Mr. Folger, along with Arley Steinbrink, built the 768 square foot Cetus One spacecraft and is the Associate Producer of TERRARIUM.

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