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In the near future, a space probe, sent to another world, confirms scientists' speculation of an Earthlike planet. Twelve astronauts, each with a unique skill, are assembled to undertake a one way, 15 year journey, that will culminate in the colonization of this new world.

A crash landing results in a malfunction that traps the astronauts in their cryobeds. Weak and unable to escape their bunks, the astronauts find themselves easy prey for a carnivorous creature that attacks every 5 hours. Facing death, the astronauts contemplate their fates and whether or not they can overcome this extraordinary situation, as well as what might lie beyond it...

The Return Of the Double Feature

The best scripts are not always 2 hours long. They could be 10 minutes, one hour, or more. Taking a cue from the past, Mike Conway is reintroducing the concept of the supporting film. TERRARIUM is supported by the 14 minute short film, ROADKILL.

Conway intends to make the double feature his trademark, although both films will usually total less than 2 hours. The idea is to make a movie going more of an event by offering 2 different ideas. Even if someone feels marginal about the feature, they might connect to the short film and vice versa.


In 1999, Mike Conway finished this 14 minute, 16mm short, for $5,000. After being away from filmmaking, for 5 years, Mike got back on the horse with this movie.

ROADKILL stars Sonny Dyon, Mike's wife, Sheila Conway, and Jason Hall. The entire cast returned for TERRARIUM, although, due to scheduling conflicts, Dyon's part was limited to playing some of the aliens in TERRARIUM's battle sequence.

ROADKILL became Mike's showpiece to convince the cast members to jump onto the TERRARIUM project.

Because of their limited playing time, short films do not stand by themselves. ROADKILL was intended as a companion piece to the subsequently produced TERRARIUM.

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