Red Rock Recreation Area

Red Rock Recreational Area is perhaps the most unique park you will ever see. Red Rock is set up as a motor loop, meaning that if you take the Red Rock observation route, it is a looped road that will take you directly through the most visually impressive parts of the park.

The entire rest of the park is open to hikers and rock climbers, but it is highly recommended that only experienced hikers and climbers attempt to do so, and ALWAYS take along a buddy.

The best way to reach Red Rock is simply by taking charleston blvd. directly out of town until you run into the Red Rock Recreation Area. There really isn't any simple Interstate access, however one could take I-15 to the Charleston exit, but I only recommend that route if you are coming in from outside Las Vegas and are not expecting to stay.

Unlike Valley of Fire, there isn't much in the way of Indian history or ancient trapping trails, but there are breath taking views of the most colorful rock formations ever seen!